VMware Risk Assessment and Transition Advisory Service Catalogue

In an era marked by significant changes in the virtualisation industry, notably Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, organisations are contemplating strategic shifts in their IT infrastructure. Our service not only assesses your current VMware environment but also guides you in exploring alternative virtualisation solutions, including different hypervisors, and potential transitions to SaaS and cloud platforms.

Utilising your existing data from tools such as Solar Winds and RV Tools, we provide a foundational analysis of your VMware setup. This analysis is geared towards not just understanding your current state but also evaluating potential transitions to alternative platforms.

Speculo Transformation Assessment

Service Features

Current State Analysis

We assess your existing VMware environment, focusing on configurations, usage patterns, and resilience strategies (DR, BC, HA).

Transition Readiness Assessment

An evaluation of your readiness to transition to alternative hypervisors or cloud / SaaS platforms, considering your operational and strategic goals.

Alternative Solutions Exploration

We provide insights into potential alternatives to VMware, including other hypervisors and cloud solutions, and their implications for your IT strategy.

Strategic Recommendation

Based on the assessment, we offer strategic recommendations for migration, considering operational efficiency, cost implications, and business continuity.

Key Benefits


Fast to execute/cost effective exercise.

Comprehensive Understanding

Insights into your current VMware setup and how it aligns with or diverges from evolving industry trends.

Future-proofing Strategy

Guidance on transitioning to alternative platforms, enhancing your IT infrastructure’s agility and resilience.

Informed Decision-Making

Empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about potential migrations to different hypervisors, SaaS, or cloud environments.

Enrichment of CMDB data

Capturing the insight from this assessment and updating the CMDB with new/additional information apended to existing records.

Service Catalogue baseline (Gold, Silver Bronze service tiers);

A defined service based alignment of application services

Migration Challenges

Identifying and addressing potential risks and challenges in migrating from VMware to alternative platforms.

Resilience Strategy Alignment

Ensuring that your DR, BC/HA strategies are robust and adaptable to new environments.

Operational Continuity

Maintaining operational continuity and SLA compliance during and after the transition.

Why use Speculo?

Our service is more than a VMware Risk Assessment; it’s a comprehensive advisory for transitioning to the next phase of your virtualisation strategy. We equip your organisation with the necessary insights to navigate the changing landscape and explore new opportunities in virtualisation technology.

Speculo Transformation Cloud Readiness Assessment