Business Analyst-as-a-Service (BAaaS)

Effective business analysis helps an organisation operate more efficiently through streamlined and better-informed decision-making.

BAaaS provides the expertise of an experienced Business Analyst (BA), flexibly and cost-effectively, without a full-time employment commitment.

Business Analyst

BAaaS provides

Clear requirements

Stakeholder interviews and workshops to identify and document business requirements.

Analysis and improvement

Assessment of current processes, identification of areas for improvement, and detailed process maps.

Gap analysis

A full needs assessment determining the differences between current and desired future state.

Analysis and insights

Systematic, multisource data analysis to derive insights, trends, and key recommendations.

Evaluation and selection

Thorough evaluation of potential solutions, technologies, or vendors against predefined criteria.

Effective reporting

Palatable stakeholder reporting through presentations, in-person meetings and written reports.

Key benefits

Cost saving

BAaaS reduces overhead costs through on-demand, PAYG Business Analyst services.

Time efficiency

Ready access to specialised skills and experience, without having to source them yourself.

Risk mitigation

BAaaS helps potential risks and issues to be identified and addressed early on.

Performance improving

Gain insights and recommendations on business processes, market trends, and performance metrics.

Prioritise actions

A prioritised plan of actions aligned with business and project goals.

Ensure compliance

BAaaS helps ensure compliance with adherence to industry standards and good governance.

In-depth support

Managerial client support and technical support for BA throughout the project.

Scalability and flexibility

Easily scale up or down with on-demand resourcing that’s responsive to project requirements.

Best practice

An approach based on industry-standard methodologies and frameworks.

Why use Speculo?

  • Individual experience: BAs have a minimum of 4 years’ experience
  • Collective expertise: BAs can leverage Speculo Knowledge Base
  • Breadth of multi-sector, multi-industry experience
  • Qualified BAs with British Computer Society (BCS) International Diploma in Business Analysis
  • An approach that’s tailored to your needs
  • A proven track record
  • IR35 compliant, via as-a-Service delivery
  • PAYG model
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