IT Service Management-as-a-Service (ITSMaaS)

ITSMaaS provides an expert Service Delivery function as a flexible service.

Ideal for organisations that need to quickly and efficiently improve service strategy, delivery and management, or are reliant on contract resources.

It avoids over-resourcing, full-time employment commitments, recruitment costs, and can flex as requirements change.

Speculo ITSM

ITSMaaS provides

Service improvement

An approach that drives Service Strategy, Design, Transition, and Operation improvements and efficiencies, while maintaining an effective BAU operation.

Financial certainty

A service delivery function made up of Service Architects, Transition Managers and Service Delivery Managers, as relevant, for a known monthly cost.

Ready-to-go expertise

Experienced subject matter experts, and proven processes capable of hastening service definition, strategy, and transition.

Flexible resourcing

On-demand, pay-as-you-go resourcing that provides additional personnel as required.

Key benefits

Consistent delivery

ITSM provides experienced, trusted service delivery professionals that reliably deliver every time.

ITIL aligned processes

Speculo provides qualified subject matter experts adhering to ITIL best practice in service delivery.

Financially efficient

A simple charging model, which combines a known monthly cost with the ability to flex up resources on demand.

Growth and maturity

ITSMaaS builds delivery maturity against a defined plan, while growing internal capability in a controlled and efficient manner.

Zero onboarding

Speedily deploys industry leading project professionals, without recruitment or onboarding delays.

Complete control

Combine ownership with flexibility: no fixed commitment or minimum term contracts.

Scalable delivery

On-demand resources that can be quickly scaled up or down, to meet changing customer demand.

Rapid response

Service Management resources that can respond instantly and have the experience to move projects forward quickly.

Successful transition

Speculo work with you to transition processes and people into the business to achieve successful delivery.

Human touch

Speculo’s project professionals work shoulder to shoulder with internal teams to deliver successful transformation.

IR35 compliant

Delivery as a service, rather than through individual contractors.

Develop expertise

Speculo work with you to transition the processes and knowledge to allow the development of consistent service delivery.

Why use Speculo?

  • Experts in Service Strategy, Implementation, Transition and Operations
  • An approach that’s tailored to your needs
  • A proven track record
  • IR35 compliant, via as-a-Service delivery
  • Cost-efficient, on-demand, PAYG model
Speculo ITSM