Transformation Assessment

Easy to consume, consultancy packages to help organisations develop a clear strategic transformation roadmap appropriate to their needs.

The Transformation Assessment gives an organisation an independent, expert assessment of its current IT capabilities and its capacity to affect change.

It reviews current technologies, processes, and strategies, their alignment to future business objectives, and details the steps required to meet future needs, providing the foundation for a successful IT transformation journey.

Speculo Transformation Assessment

Transformation Assessment provides

A comprehensive report

Detailing current IT capabilities, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and the organisation’s capacity to affect change.

IT Maturity roadmap

To reach the desired IT maturity level, recommending incremental steps of progression, with processes, strategies, and technologies.

Stakeholder engagement

Collaboration with key stakeholders to capture their expectations, challenges, and requirements, to inform the roadmap.

Sound process

Tracking progress towards the desired maturity levels, and ensuring appropriate governance.

Gap analysis

In-depth gap analysis to identify disparities between current and desired IT maturity levels, with detailed incremental steps outlined for each identified item.

Presentation of findings

Presentation of findings to senior stakeholders, explaining assessment of current IT capability, capacity for change, and the path to achieving it.

Key benefits

Path to Transformation

Basis for a starting successful IT transformation journey: providing a clear current state assessment and roadmap.

Risk mitigation

Identifies potential risks early on, so they can be proactively addressed, minimising disruptions, and costs. 

IT-business alignment

Aligns the evolution of IT with business objectives, increases the support IT provides to business operations. 

Stakeholder Engagement

A thorough assessment involves engaging key stakeholders, ensuring their buy-in and commitment to the transformation journey, which is vital for its success.

Enhanced Governance

By setting clear steps and stages for the IT transformation, the service improves tracking and governance.

Informed Decision-Making

Armed with insights, you can make well-informed decisions about strategic initiatives and resource allocation, reducing the risk of costly missteps. 

Why use Speculo?

  • Unbiased and transparent assessments and recommendations
  • Built in quality control across all service offerings
  • A bespoke service tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Highly experienced and expert individuals with industry recognised qualifications
  • Extensive experience of adhering and working within top-tier methodologies and frameworks
  • Access to Speculo’s vast wealth of knowledge, unique experience, and expansive support network.
  • Access our expertise on a fractional and on demand basis
  • A proven approach that consistently delivers results and measurable value
Speculo Transformation Cloud Readiness Assessment