Cloud Readiness Assessment

These easy to consume, consultancy packages help organisations to develop a clear strategic roadmap appropriate to their needs.  

The Cloud Readiness Assessment evaluates whether an organisation is ready to adopt cloud technology. It looks at such factors as IT infrastructure, organisational capabilities, and business requirements to determine both the suitability and potential benefits of a cloud environment.

The Cloud Maturity Assessment provides a comprehensive review of an organisations cloud journey, assessing the maturity and effectiveness of its existing strategy, infrastructure, operations, and security, and provides clear recommendations for improvement.

Speculo Transformation Cloud Readiness Assessment

Each cloud assessment provides

A comprehensive report

A written report assessing the current state of cloud readiness/maturity, and detailing areas of strength and those needing improvement.

Strategic roadmap

Detailed roadmap outlining the steps needed to achieve different levels of cloud maturity, or to initiate the adoption process, including recommended technologies and strategies.

Gap analysis

Identifies gaps between the current and desired cloud infrastructure and capabilities, offering insights into necessary improvements.

Best practices and recommendations

Offers industry best practices and customised recommendations to optimise your cloud strategy.

Cost-benefit analysis

Understand the financial implications and potential return on investment (ROI) from proposed expenditure.

Presentation of findings

Clear presentation of findings, explaining current capability, potential improvements, and the path to achieving them.

Key benefits

Decision-making clarity

Provides a clear understanding of current state and potential benefits, enabling informed decision-making.

Risk mitigation

Identifies potential risks and issues that may arise in cloud development/transition/adoption.

Cost savings

Identifying the most effective cloud strategies and technologies for the company, can generate significant cost savings.

Strategic clarity

Roadmap provides a clear path forward, enabling effective planning and execution of cloud strategy.


Identifies opportunities for optimisation, helping improve operational efficiency and business agility.


Ensures a cloud strategy and infrastructure that adheres to industry regulations and standards, reducing compliance risks.

Scalability and flexibility

Highlights where cloud infrastructure/services can easily be scaled up or down to maximise cloud benefits.

Stakeholder engagement

A thorough assessment involves engaging key stakeholders, ensuring their buy-in and commitment to the transformation journey, which is vital for its success.

Business Alignment

The assessment evaluates how cloud adoption aligns with the organisation’s business objectives and strategies. It helps businesses understand how cloud technologies can support their growth plans.

Why use Speculo?

  • Extensive expertise of cloud assessment for diverse industries and business sizes
  • Expertise covers various aspects of analysis, including technology, security, governance, scalability, and cost optimisation
  • As a vendor agnostic orgaanisation we offer unbiased recommendations, allowing you to choose the most suitable cloud solutions for your business
  • The collective expertise means assessments are QA’d and reviewed by Speculo peers, drawing on multiple public cloud exposure and expertise
  • An approach that can be tailored to your needs, as required
  • Built in quality control through our own framework for delivery
  • A proven track record
  • IR35 compliant
  • Typically delivered as a fixed price deliverable
Speculo Transformation Cloud Readiness Assessment