IT Service Management (ITSM) Maturity Assessment

ITSM Maturity Assessment can be used to improve IT service management.

This service aims to equip the client with an effective Service Management function that delivers right sized Governance, Reporting, Communication, Resourcing and Financial Management – facilitating rapid business growth and driving efficiencies.

Speculo ITSM maturity

ITSM Maturity Assessment provides

Independent appraisal

Detailed assessment of ITSM Organisation, Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation, Continual Service Improvement, Reporting, Quality Assurance, and Tooling.

Desired-state goal

Working with key stakeholders, it will establish a Target Maturity Level for IT Service Management.

A detailed ITSM roadmap

Identifies individual action points, and creates and assigns staged objectives, actions, and deliverables.

Prioritised actions

Details Priority actions and Quick Wins to enable value to be delivered as soon as possible.

Planning for change

Creates a high-Level Project Plan, aligned to priorities, to establish a timeline for deployment and adoption.

Resource map

Generates a Resource Map to support the effective execution of the Project Plan.

Key benefits

Alignment and clarity

An effective service strategy aligns IT services with business objectives, enhances decision-making, drives improvements, and demonstrates financial transparency.

Effective service transition

Smooth and controlled implementation of service changes and additions, minimising risk and disruption and optimising knowledge transfer and support.

Exceptional service

Ensures stable and efficient functioning of IT services, with precise incident management processes, that enable quick issue resolution, and proactive event management.

Improved customer satisfaction

Establishing a single point of contact for customers and internal team members, improves communication and increases customer satisfaction.

Defined roles and responsibilities

An effective structure, with relevant roles and objectives, will improve delivery and increase employee job satisfaction.

Quality assurance

Implementation of efficient and relevant quality processes will ensure output is consistent and controlled.

Resourcing consistency

Speculo’s services offer highly skilled Service Designers, Transition Managers and Service Delivery Managers on a PAYG basis, allowing you to flex your team up/down in line with demand peaks.

Continuous improvement

A sound improvement process that engages all, will ensure you innovate and stay ahead of your competition.

Performance benchmarking

The assessment establishes a benchmark to compare your current practices with industry standards and best practices, providing insights into how you stack up against peers and competitors.

Why use Speculo?

  • Unique combined experience of building successful managed service businesses
  • Track record of implementing delivery change that has seen businesses grow exponentially
  • A vendor agnostic approach: there is no one size fits all
  • Focus on delivering assistance in incremental steps to achieve maturity to business
Speculo ITSM maturity