Delivering tender management process through to successful award

Speculo Foster Partners

Foster + Partners the global architectural, engineering, and design practice engaged Speculo to provide independent Tender Management services.

Delivering projects to a highly demanding global blue chip client base requires consistently hitting deadlines. Therefore the choice of managed service provider for data storage services globally will be integral to the firms ongoing reputation and success.


The key challenge in this instance was the complexity and diversity of storage requirements, combined with the replacement of existing storage technologies and supporting processes. This was combined with a backdrop of a dynamic and demanding business who would still require constant access and reliability of data throughout.

To begin to manage this process effectively, it was imperative to understand the current requirements, constraints and aspirations for the new solution and service, to provide all invited partners a thorough view of what was being asked and assist concisely with their due diligence needs.

  • Defining requirements
    Gaining a full understanding of the requirements all the stake holders in the business had and understanding how these requirements ranked
  • Partner selection
    With so many options in the market but needing to meet tight timescales the list of potential responding partners needed to be managed carefully.
  • Fair process
    Needed to support efficient working and remain transparent. Internal processes needed streamlining to assist in delivering quickly and efficiently ensuring business objectives were hit.


Building upon the expertise, knowledge, and experience Speculo has in the management of RFP processes, we were able to identify the key areas to focus on to provide the key detail required for partners to digest, design, and provision suitable solutions to meet the requirements.

Internal dialogue was critical to ensure that all technical requirements and constraints were included, alongside those core business requirements which would have significant impact on any solution and service offered.  Throughput and latency being a major concern, along with how more remote projects and joint ventures would fit into the solution and service.

The final element was successful meetings and workshops with key stakeholders, making sure that clear agendas were set, and key decisions and actions were taken and delivered.

  • Stakeholder engagement, interview and establish key business drivers and drive out and document detailed core requirements
  • Produce Tender Pack – including delivery structure, response formats, and required commercial attachments from the practice
  • Research and deliver concise current state technical overview details of the managed storage solution, and future aspirations and technology constraints
  • Identification of potential partners and any required risk assessments
  • Management of potential partner organisations throughout process
  • Create and manage population of practice’s scoring templates specific to their requirements and success factors
  • Coordinating and managing potential partner Tender presentations
  • Providing technical and process consultancy expertise, advice, and support.


The architectural, engineering, and design practice successfully completed the end-to-end delivery of the Tender process for the award of a partner to deliver a managed storage solution, along with supporting services.

Critically, this was achieved whilst meeting the complex technical and business requirements needed for a new innovative global data storage solution.

It was a challenge for Speculo to deliver, due to the complex requirements, and ensuring minimal impact to the business whilst not compromising on their values, but one that we enjoyed and relished.

  • Successful implementation of Tender through to award for a delivery partner
  • Strategic view of managed storage journey over last decade through to new roadmap of next 5 to 10 years
  • Auditable trail for Tender response and award
  • New partner for global managed storage services and associated support.