Tender Management

Operating a competitive bidding process consumes huge amounts of time and energy. It requires effective communication, attention to detail, and adherence to established procurement policies and procedures.

Speculo’s Tender Management service helps organisations to operate successful bid processes, by providing an efficient process, and experienced personnel to run it for them: guiding the whole process, coordinating responses, ensuring cross-functional involvement, evaluating and scoring responses, awarding, and ascertaining compliance and quality assurance.

Speculo Transformation Tender Management

Tender Management provides

Bid/proposal management

Managing and collaborating on Request for Information and Request for Proposal artefacts, ensuring client’s requirements are covered.

Cross-functional coordination

Communication internally with everyone involved, including finance and legal, and externally with the respondents.

Timeline management

Planning, organising, and controlling all aspects of the bid process schedule.

Compliance checks

Ensuring all responses adhere to internal and external standards, regulations, and requested entry requirements.

Bid submission process

Provision of submission process, evaluating responses for maximum value, and ensuring appropriate awarding.

Post-bid follow-up

Assistance with close-down, follows-ups, review of lessons learnt, and audit of scoring and other aspects for public scrutiny.

Key benefits

Improved bid quality

Managed for you to guarantee that all artefacts and requirements are sent to all bidders to ensure quality returns.

Time and cost efficiency

Provides an efficient process and frees up internal resources from time-consuming process management.

Risk mitigation

Speculo’s expert guidance ensures evidenced consistency, and that responses comply with all bid requirements and regulations.

Cross-functional coordination

All internal and external participants are kept informed and aware of relevant deadlines and milestones.

Deadline management

Setting appropriate deadlines, driving and managing respondents, and disqualifying those failing deadlines.

Proven methodologies

Speculo’s proven methodology provides a structured and ready-to-go tender management process.

Why use Speculo?

  • Extensive procurement experience brings years of expertise in tender management, ensuring a smooth and efficient process
  • Our tailored approach customises the RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal) processes to align with your specific requirements and objectives
  • Comprehensive vendor assessment by working with the customer conduct a thorough evaluation of potential vendors to ensure they match your organisation’s needs and standards
  • Our streamlined process means management of the entire RFI and RFP process saves you time, effort, and resources
  • Expert documentation provides clear and well-structured RFI and RFP documents that effectively communicate your requirements to potential vendors
  • Unbiased recommendations make our vendor selection process impartial, enabling you to make well-informed decisions based on objective evaluations
  • Proven track record with a successful history of facilitating RFI and RFP processes has led to numerous satisfied clients and impactful vendor partnerships
  • Reduced risk provided through our meticulous approach minimises the risk of choosing unsuitable vendors, ensuring a higher chance of successful partnerships
  • We provide continuous support throughout the entire process, ensuring a positive outcome for your organisation’s needs
Speculo Tender Management