Adoption of new technical request process through Business Analysis review and change

Speculo Clarion case study

Clarion Events is an international business, with a portfolio of events and media brands across a range of vertical markets.

Headquartered in London, they have employees based in offices worldwide, delivering marketing, networking, and information solutions in high value sectors in both mature and emerging geographic locations and regions.

The customer organises and provisions both live and digital events, attracting buyers with spending and decision-making power who are looking for solutions and innovations to help move their businesses forward.


The challenge faced was the lack of a standardised process for assigning and prioritising new technology requests. This ad-hoc approach led to inconsistencies in the way requests were handled, making it difficult to ensure that the most important requests were being addressed in a timely manner. The problem was compounded by the fact that different business areas and regions had different adoption rates for new technology, leading to further difficulties in prioritising requests. This created a challenge in terms of resource allocation and planning, as it was difficult to determine the impact that new requests would have on overall operations.

The challenge was to develop a more structured and efficient process for assigning and prioritizing new technology requests that would consider the different adoption rates across the various business areas and regions.

  • Document current processes for technical project engagement.
  • Create new supporting processes.
  • User communications to aide adoption of the new processes and drive business adoption.
  • Support live trial requests through the process, as part of adoption.


Speculo provided business analysis to work both with the customer technical project team and business stakeholders to implement new supporting processes to aide adoption of the deliverables listed above.

The key deliverable was the revised and newly adopted triage process of technical requests received, along with the close relationships and collaboration experience with the business areas to clearly see the benefits it would bring.

Speculo was engaged to provide business analysis to work with both the client’s technical project team and business stakeholders to implement new supporting processes to aid adoption of the key deliverables.

The focus was on the revision and adoption of the triage process for technical requests received. Our approach was to work closely with the business areas to understand their specific requirements and to promote close collaboration throughout the process.


The key outcome of the engagement was the successful implementation of the revised triage process for technical requests. The new process was widely adopted across the organisation, as it had been developed with the close involvement of the business stakeholders, who were able to see the benefits it would bring.

The close relationships and collaboration experience with the business areas helped to ensure a smooth implementation and increase the chances of success. Speculo’s business analysis expertise and experience in implementing similar projects was critical to the success of this project.

  • Successful implementation of triage process for new technical project requests.
  • All users trained and roles assigned.
  • Maturity roadmap milestone achieved.
  • Priorities to new technical projects correctly assigned at mandate.