Hybrid Delivery Teams

In today’s dynamic business environment, organisations require versatile and adaptive professional services to address their multifaceted needs.

The Hybrid delivery model gives an organisation the ability to scale professional services teams both up and down with a greater degree of control, in line with the demands from the business.

It helps to augment existing teams, and manage bandwidth spikes in resource requirements whilst allowing the resource leaders to prepare the necessary business cases for future growth of teams, so de-risks the ongoing recruitment process.

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Hybrid Delivery provides

A Strategic Partnership

Enhances the competitive positioning and capability to respond and deliver engagements with both parties invested in the customer outcome.

Rapid Scalability

Typically the model provides between 15-30% of the overall required resources to support the in-house delivery team. These experienced resources can be deployed at short notice.

Enhanced Profitability

The hourly billing model helps to deliver the peak work load, maintain profitability through strong utilisation of the full time resources allowing effective billing for the peak hours.

Strengthening of in-house teams

Supporting the existing in-house teams with our highly skilled, flexible capability allows greater depth within the delivery organisation.

Key benefits

Greater utilisation of full time resources

We can help to keep internal teams utilisation high, whilst providing bandwidth to keep pace with the delivery demands.

Professional services profitability

The use of the hybrid team model increases profitability of the overall team through more effective utilisation.

On demand experienced resources

Speculo work with highly experienced and adaptable consultants to help augment existing teams quickly and efficiently.


Greater control

Provide a strategic engagement model that provides better outcomes than the traditional ad hoc contractor resourcing models.


Addresses the recruitment challenge

Recruit when your certain you need more resources and avoid adding costs. ahead of the revenue curve.

Improve team morale

Keep the full time resources motivated and happy by managing utilisation to focus on the ‘interesting’ work and allow for training and development alongside successful delivery.


Next Steps

A free of charge two-hour workshop is available to explore how the Hybrid delivery model could work for your organisation. Focusing on how the commercial model could be structured and the positive impact it could have on the profitability of your professional services delivery.

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