Case Study / Client: Undisclosed (Large Land & Property Manager)

Helping deliver advanced technology systems for large land & property manager.

Managing a huge portfolio totalling over £14 billion in property and land assets, the organisation is one of the largest property managers in the United Kingdom. With such a large, diverse range of operations, ranging from the management of many of central London’s most historic and busy city centre retail districts, to the development and administration of substantial rural and coastal areas, the company’s technological requirements are understandably advanced and complex.

At the start of 2020, the organisation required assistance in delivering the RFI (Request For Information) and RFP (Request For Proposal) process for the replacement of their Marine Data Exchange platform. With the complex evolving nature of data and rapid growth of data size within this area of the organisation, combined with an outdated, under developed existing solution, the need was identified to redesign, re-platform and reassess strategic direction. Boasting extensive experience in the technology procurement process and having worked closely with the organisation on many technology projects over an 18 month period, proudly becoming a selected partner in 2020, Speculo were approached to help ensure the right supplier was chosen to deliver the platform.

The Challenge

It was quickly established that expert assistance was needed to lead the supplier sourcing and procurement process due to the complexities of the requirements. Whilst the organisation had internal procurement teams and processes, the organisation needed technical expertise that could capture and understand the intricate requirements of the platform in turn translating it into a clear specification that vendors & suppliers could design and deliver services against.

Effectively capturing business stakeholders and project owners requirements was of critical importance to ensure the end solution met the complex needs of the organisation. Furthermore, ensuring prospective suppliers had a good understanding of the project scope and could be scored & evaluated effectively, in a transparent, independent manner was key.

Key Deliverables

> Expert led RFI & RFP process

> Technical expertise & platform understanding

> Supplier management

> Technical consultancy and business analysis

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The Solution

Building upon the expertise Speculo had already delivered to the organisation, the solution was to provide a technical consultant with appropriate business analysis knowledge, to walk the stakeholders through the user story and requirement gathering process. Furthermore, the current state technical design and background was expertly collated and combined with the project requirements to create a comprehensive RFI and RFP pack to be provided to the suppliers.

Speculo managed the organisation of meetings and the distribution of supplier questions to the relevant persons, to ensure an efficient process and quick receipt of RFP responses. Working with the business, Speculo’s project team also helped structure how RFP responses were to be understood and evaluated by stakeholders, how to appropriately score the different components of the proposals and how the organisation, as a result, could make an informed decision on selecting the best supplier to partner with in delivering the new Marine Data Exchange platform.

The Outcome

The project successfully managed a total of 12 suppliers, ranging from boutique design houses and developers to large technology suppliers and cloud vendors, providing a complete range of solution providers for consideration. Through the proficient, agreed scoring process suppliers were effectively shortlisted before an eventual winner was found.

Due to the robust supplier selection process and expert led handling, all stakeholders were in complete agreement that the most appropriate supplier was selected. With complex requirements to be met, including design, transformation approach, cultural alignment and not to mention enthusiasm for both the opportunity itself and future possibilities, the project was a great success and the development of the platform has already begun with a MVP scheduled for release as early as 2021.

By truly understanding the organisation’s unique position in the market and by sharing their underlying values, Speculo’s transparent, independent approach to transformation has been greatly welcomed and resulted in the delivery of many successful projects, ranging from property management and data, to sourcing geographic information systems for land and marine environments.

> Best supplier selected with transparent, independent, non-vendor aligned approach

> On-demand experts and resources that manage the complete process

> Experienced team that works seamlessly with business stakeholders and internal teams

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